The Story of Feminista - the first political perfume

“Out beyond ideas of activism and charity there is a field – we meet you there…”

Confessions of us Feminista(s)

In contrast to common belief, Feminista was founded to make a serious commitment to impact our society and support equality and diversity. If we wanted to bring a perfume to market to get rich overnight we would have probably licensed WonderWoman. As a matter of fact, we never thought in a million years, that we would launch a perfume, much less a political, when we decided to found a company. Feminista was born out of a need to do something meaningful and since the idea was born, it has learned to walk not just trough us, but more importantly through society, and all the people, we met along the way.

Meeting the man who shaped Feminista.

The crucial milestone to developing Feminista was Geza Schön, who when approached about collaborating said: I love the idea of paying tribute to intersectional feminism with a scent. And when asked why he answered: I personally would never date a woman who is not a feminist, as a matter of fact, I wouldn't have anyone as a friend who is not a feminist. In today's culture, with parts of humanity either involved in selfishness, expressed in selfie-culture, reality TV, and the pseudo influencer stardom as well as intolerance, fear, and hate, feminism is a character trait distinguishing those with confidence and ethics to do right for themselves and others.

Finding our spirit.

Feminism a term that simply embraces equality was not enough, it was more complex than that as what is equality without community and what is community without togetherness. Feminista: a statement of inclusion, a statement of strength no matter who you are or what you stand for, our statement is yours. Siding ourselves with Munroe Bergdorf: If your feminism isn't intersectional, you are only in it for yourself. That was the one thing we all believed in from the start. Whilst Feminista must pay tribute, to all those who have fought hard for equality over the years, we did not want to put on the western view and we sure as hell did not want to exclude POC, handicapped, non-binary or transsexual people while simultaneously being an open invitation to all men suffocating on old stereotypes. 

From us to you.

Feminista is an agent that tells a story, but it is not our story - it is yours - a story as colorful and diverse as the world we dream to inhibit. It is a story that is loud and bold and gives those a voice who need it or a voice to those who long to be heard as much as it empowers those with something to say to be louder, bolder and stronger. It is your platform, featuring and supporting your causes and heroes over time. For now, 15% of all net sales will be invested into individuals and projects, be it role models, activists or new, emerging feminist content. Be our leader, be our judge.

There is only one thing we can tell you from the bottom of our hearts. Feminism and all the topics we hope to address and the awareness we want to build is still much less popular than one might think. We are ready to go to hell and back, fight the trolls and stand back up again and yes, we know our fight is not even close to the hardship of many people standing on the front line. But at the same time, we believe that silent approval is almost as bad as complicity and we do not want to be silent.



Hager has been a brand consultant for Fortune 500 clients on board level for more than 20 years. Recently fed up with the way strategy gets in the way of creating true relevance and innovation, she left the consulting business and turned back to her roots of storytelling by founding Hero’s Journey Travel Agency together with Hartl and Telegdy. “The world of brand consulting hasn’t really changed in more than 20 years”, Hager says, “we still rely on strategies of the 80’s, completely ignoring that the world has dramatically changed. Strategy processes take way too long and forgo the notion that we live in one of the most fast paced environments ever. Brands fail to connect and become relevant on more than just a marketing level”, she says. “The truth is, that we need to understand that relevance is not just a marketing strategy, we have to take responsibility as a brand as a whole, not just for one advertising season” she concludes.

Feminista will be a brand designed to do just that. While at first the brand set out to change the still a bit outdated and angry stigma of feminism it became clear very soon, what power the product could have, if it were to take its mission seriously. “When learning which impact people did perceive of the brand, it was clear that we needed to take the responsibility seriously”, Hager said. You cannot claim to fight for equality with words and beautiful imagery alone, you have to stand up for what you believe with everything you do. “It is my personal dream, that one day the brand will have the power to not just support projects fighting for the same cause, but even develop some of our own”.


Hartl founded Embassy of Dreams, Germany’s 10th biggest advertising film production company together with his Partner Stefan Telegdy 20 years ago. Since then the two of them have been successful in building a family of companies, amongst them: Heimatfilm in Cologne, one of Europe’s most renowned art house film productions, and Nerd Communications an innovation company based in Berlin. The team has one clear mission: ‘There will always be one project a year, where we are our own client for at least one of our companies.’ This year they have outdone themselves, together with their partner Ulrike Hager, by bringing Feminista to market, a product of Hero’s Journey Travel Agency, the newest addition to their family of companies.

Hartl, a feminist at heart, was immediately enticed by the idea of creating the worlds’ first political perfume. “Feminista is not just a perfume, but a platform to create change. We will support projects, that showcase new feminist content in an inclusive and forward thinking manner.” Hartl says. Therefore, it was a conscious decision to forgo the classical trade channels, despite the retailers’ enthusiasm to stock and market Feminista in their departments. “Feminista needs a stage to tell its story” Hartl adds; “it will be the first perfume not just of political nature, but it will revolt stereotypes that have dominated the perfume industry for centuries”. Unlike other fragrances, Feminista’s main ingredient is a concept, a vision and a belief for a society in which equality is a human right for everyone regardless of gender and sexual preference. This makes the product unique. With every spray comes a deep, meaningful and thought-provoking experience. “Since the perfume also funds projects supporting equality on all different kinds of levels, it might just be the best perfume buy in a lifetime -  for yourself and for all others”, Hartl adds.